Sunset Pictures

Sunset Images

A Collection Of Beautiful Colorado Sunset And Sunrise Photos By Steve Garufi

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Colorado Sunset
June 2011 to January 2012 - All of these photos were taken with my Canon SD 1200 IS "point and shoot" digital camera. Among the six of eight that are sunset images, I was facing west outside of Buena Vista, Colorado. This is a town known for its spectacular views of the mountains in nearly all directions. Above was taken in Summer 2011. I love the overall composition, especially the colors and the contour of the mountains.

Sunset Image
With this picture, I distinctly remember thinking that the sunset wasn't very exciting. However, there was one interesting section of sky that had a lot pink and lavendar with a touch of orange where the sky met the mountains. I get many compliments for this photo, but what people don't realize is I zoomed-in as much as I could and deleted 90% of the photo, which consisted of boring sky. ;)

Colorado Sunset Image
Firey red over the Rocky Mountains.
Rocky Mountain Sunset
Thicker clouds with a great deal of orange and red in the sky.

Colorado Sunrise
I was on an early morning summer walk in Buena Vista, CO (about 6 a.m.) when the sunrise entertained me.
Beautiful Sunrise Photo
This was one of the most blazing sunrises/sunsets I had ever seen in my life. It was a summer morning, and I opened the front door of my house to find this wonder. Thankfully, I had my camera handy.

Beautiful Sunset
A pretty Colorado mountain sunset taken in January 2012.
Colorado Sunset
Last but not least, I was driving between Cripple Creek and Victor in Teller County, Colorado, when the sunset to the west began to show a lot of color. I slowed down to about 20-25 mph, rolled down the passenger side window and carefully snapped this picture. The Sangre De Cristo Mountains is the range way out there.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook: /coloradoguycom Twitter: @stevegarufi Google+: /stevegarufi

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