Sunset Pictures
Sunset Colors (Photos of the Sky During a Colorado Sunset - November 21, 2009)

Various Photos of the Sky - Chaffee County, Colorado
Colorado Sky
From a photography standpoint, I considered this evening's sunset below par. No blazing "color show" (as I like to call them) transpired anywhere in the sky. But I had some extra time before meeting with friends for yummy Chinese food in Salida, CO and spent more time than usual photographing what was offered.

The photo above is the westerly view from Buena Vista, Colorado. I was hoping some of those white clouds behind the darker ones would turn orange, pink, violet or whatever, but it wasn't meant to be. Nonetheless, I thought this was a decent photo. The mountain in view is Sheep Mountain, alt. 11,933 feet.

Colorado Sky
Not the most exciting photo, but something inside compelled me to take in the sky. It was an indeed pretty.

Sunset Sky
I drove through Johnson Village, CO and traveled on a quiet dirt road (Chaffee County Road 301). This was the view to the south ... beautiful orange and deep pink shades over Mt. Ouray (alt. 13, ) and Chipeta Peak (alt. 12, ). I tweeted this photo on my twitter page earlier, and much of the feedback was about the tree silhouette. No doubt, the only enhances the composition of the picture.

Pink Clouds
Last but not least, a small section between Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton turned bright pink and lavendar. It was one of those evenings where on one level, it was a sunset underperformed, but I worked hard, hung in there and captured (what I think) are some decent photos. Thanks for viewing them! -Steve :)

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