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Sunset Over The Rocky Mountains In Gunnison County, Colorado (Photos - June 2, 2007)

Rocky Mountain Sunset June 2, 2007 - I had little to do this evening and so I traveled over to the Gunnison County side of Cottonwood Pass to check out the sunset. I was definitely not disappointed! Right at Cottonwood Pass as I sat in my car, the sky gave off some bright yellow rays during the pre-sunset stage.
Rocky Mountain Sunset I wanted a better view of the sunset and mountains and so I drove approximately one mile on Gunnison County Road 109 west of the pass. As the sun began to set, I included the sky above with clouds in the adjacent photo.
Rocky Mountain Sunset The sun setting. Being at 12,000 feet in altitude, it is usually fairly easy to have a great vista of the sun setting to the west.
Rocky Mountain Sunset I'm not particularly convinced my camera it well, but this was the most beautiful part of the sunset in my opinion. Lots of color!
Rocky Mountain Sunset I included this last shot of one final burst of color over the Rocky Mountains.

These photos were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is

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