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Sunset - Oakland Beach, Rhode Island (November 1, 2007)

Rhode Island Sunset
We moved to a Rhode Island seaside location in July, and once the weather began to get cool this fall, the sunset displays began. I have scarcely been able to put down my camera! (A simple little Canon PowerShot, older model.) So I started to blog the sunsets, and also some other sky and weather views from our house and the beach 100 yards from us.

There is nothing so relaxing, in my opinion, as watching the sky from a beautiful vantage point. I feel so lucky to live in such a place!

The picture above was taken from this same beach area. I know the colors look surreal, but Hurricane Noel arrived the next day; This was the leading edge, and the sunset was spectactular!

This photo was submitted by Anne in Oakland Beach, Rhode Island. Her web site is

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