Sunrises and Sunsets in Colorado (Photos - January 2010)

Colorado Sunrise The sunrises and sunsets have been very colorful in the mountains lately. Adjacent was the first photo among many pretty ones in January 2010. Now this picture and the three farthest below are sunrises, not sunsets. Yes, the title and domain name of this web site has "sunset" in their titles, but sunrises are essentially "backwards sunsets." Hence, their inclusion. Ha ha!
Colorado Sunset

Mt. Massive

Two pretty shots of colorful clouds over the Rocky Mountains.

TOP: Sheep Mountain is the main peak, located west of Buena Vista, Colorado.

SECOND: Mt. Massive, the second tallest peak in Colorado, had pretty shades of orange and yellow above it.

Colorado Sunrise Beautiful splotches of orange during a sunrise.
Colorado Sunrise This is probably near the top of the best surnises I have photographed!
Colorado Sunrise Subtle shades of melon orange and lavendar made this a great one.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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