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Yet Another Beautiful Colorado Sunset At Cottonwood Pass (Photos - August 11, 2007)

Cottonwood Pass Tundra Pool I arrived at Cottonwood Pass to photograph the sunset, with particular hopes of capturing the sunset's reflection on the tundra pool just west of the grand overlook. The sunset was on the verge of materializing into something nice, when the light drizzling rain became more intense. Thus, I only captured the adjacent photo and ran back to my car for cover.

My only concession is I did well the night before at Independence Pass with including high mountain tundra pools.

Colorado Sunset The sun begins to set.
Sunset and Rainbow Behind me to the east, large pink clouds hovered over the mountains on the Chaffee County side of the divide. I quickly sped over to snap the adjacent photo, which included a rainbow from all the evening's rain. Nice!
Colorado Sunset
Colorado Sunset
Colorado Sunset
Ahhhhh ... but then the main "color show" began to the west!

Note the tundra pool is included in the second photo.

Here are my other sunsets from this particular spot (Cottonwood Pass) which is part of the Continental Divide:

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  • Colorado Sunset One last photo as the sunset's colors slowly came to an end way out there on the horizon.

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