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A Colorado Sunset (My Pictures Over The Collegiate Peaks - March 16, 2007)
Colorado Mountains I was standing in a clear area south of Buena Vista when the sunset began to put on a show over Sheep Mountain, a comparatively modest-sized mountain next to it's 14,000+ neighbors of Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale on each side. ;)
Pink Sunset Amazingly, the sky to the south bursted in shades of pink and purple! Those mountains way out there are the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.
Colorado Sunset
Colorado Sunset
Ahhhhh ... and then the sky turned all sorts of bright orange horizontal shades! ;)
Mt. Princeton I zoomed-out to include Mt. Princeton (alt. 14,197 feet) in there. What a view!
Colorado Sunset
Colorado Sunset
Facing more towards the northwest, deep pink shades hovered over Deer Mountain, the immediate mountain that stands in front of Mt. Yale.
Colorado Sunset It was quite a long color show that sunset put on. Here is one last photo!

These photos were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is

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