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Cloudy Sunset In the Rocky Mountains (Photos - June 12, 2007)

Cloudy Sunset It was fairly cloudy and dreary all day here in central Colorado, and so I was not expecting much from the evening's sunset. Upon arriving at Cottonwood Pass (alt. 12,126 feet), the view to the west had at least some promising features. Thick dark clouds dominated the sky, but there were a few gaps where the sun tried to break its rays through.
Cloudy Sunset About 15 minutes later, the sun actually showed it's face. Ah, but right at this time, a cloud formed in the foreground and slowly began to rise ... right in front of the sun. The effects it made on the adjacent picture were interesting to me.
Cloudy Orange Sunset I zoomed-in on the mountain range way out there west of the Taylor Park Reservoir area. It was a nice sunset!

These photos were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is

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